Lista de reproducción de Premium Classics

Tiempo Artista Canción
21:00 Random classes Pleasant surprise
20:51 Groove gauchos Pasadena break (da california swing cut)
20:48 Sergio pinye Coordinador de comunicacion de turismo colon (e.rios)
20:45 Snap Rhythm is a dancer
20:40 Index Step aside
20:30 Dj punch My 1st love (baby powder r & b house mix)
20:25 One skimko Amazing (afterlife remix)
20:15 Barry white Let the music play (funkstar de luxe vs. barry white)
20:09 Eric norman Hot gambles
20:07 Santiago pichi Cordinador parques de la costa
18:54 Bronx cheer Mint & lemonade
18:45 Deadmau5 The veldt
18:39 Cathy dennis Touch me (edinho chagas remix)
18:33 Christos fourkis Summer escape
18:27 Layla jallow We need some love
18:17 Sante cruze Get so high
18:14 Sade I will be your friend (remix)
18:02 Gorillaz Feel good inc (joe maz & adam foster remix)
17:58 Merrick lowell 9 pm
17:47 Afro medusa Pasilda (knee deep club mix)
17:44 Central avenue & graham sahara Drives me crazy
17:42 Alexis bolivar Director de turismo municipalidad humauaca
17:36 Double dee The more i get, the more i want
17:32 De la rivera Motta grossa
17:30 Mr. president Coco jamboo
17:20 Jerem a On the beat (jackin mix)
17:15 Deep noise So long
17:11 Block and crown Summertime
17:00 Kym sims To blind too see it
16:55 Javier pedernera Director promocion turistica (villa de merlo)
16:51 Madonna Secret (junior's luscious single mix)
16:45 Rick astley Never gonna give you up (mauro marcelo remix)
16:41 Goove amanda Superstylin'
16:33 Lele x,soul secured,les-ego Ats (all the same)
16:27 Marco bottari Influence
16:17 Dj jerry Clip destroy
16:15 Gabriela avila Secretaria turismo y cultura (las juntas)
16:09 Solanos Estranha
16:05 Empire of the sun We are the people
15:53 Nausicaa Alphen
15:44 Blue knights Autumn leaves
15:38 No mercy Where do you go
15:34 Block & crown California tiger
15:26 Eurythmics There must be an angel playing with my heart (jet boot jack remix)
15:21 Connor lloyd Make it move
15:11 Earth wind and fire September (capital people remix)
15:06 Tjr Funky vodka
15:03 Avelina alcesquipis Directora turismo municipalidad de apostoles
14:54 Madonna Keep my baby (master chic mix)
14:49 Tones & i Dance monkeys (subb & hotchild extended remix)
14:43 Kamaal thewan So taboo (retro 94 mix)
14:33 Do it twice Inside my heart
14:10 Benny tsadok feat. david bowie Let's dance (remix)
14:06 Blank and jones feat. mike francis Nothing can come between us
14:01 Electric light orchestra Last train to london (remix)
13:46 No panties allowed Champagne (lounge mix)
13:40 New kids on the block Step by step (dj sharapoff remix)
13:35 Blank and jones and bobo Freelove (sunset session mix)
13:33 Santiago provo Secretario de turismo (villa de merlo)
13:30 Mabibaland Oulu
13:21 Dario martino & angie brown In your love (tv pass)
13:13 Fleetwood mac Little lies (mix 2007)
13:07 Sade Smooth operator (master chic mix)
13:02 Sydney youngblood If only i could (kenwork mix)
12:53 Audiofood You got the funk (mark di meo remix)
12:47 Francesco cofano September
12:38 Cruster Obsession
12:33 Bob marley and the wailers Is this love (jet boot jack remix)
12:28 The cardigans Lovefool (bs remix)
12:13 Herplay feat. limmona Into the night (emanuele asti mix)
12:09 Tomi limstrong Subsecretario turismo obera
12:04 Kord stevens Lost in bangkok
11:59 Vladi strecker Lloret de mar (white sand mix)
11:43 Alphen Nausicaa
11:40 Lady mojo Boiling
11:24 Gabriela gasasuk Secretaria de turismo (villa gral.belgrano)
11:04 Soire Undefined
10:59 Black Wonderful life (dim zach jk tribute mix)
10:51 George michael vs sister sledge Lost in careless whisper (jet boot jack mix)
10:46 Clublife Funny beach (summer chill mix)
10:31 Le flex Feels like ooh (ben macklin remix)
10:27 X press 2 Lazy
10:20 Andhim Boy boy boy (panda remix)
10:15 Seal Crazy (master chic mix)
10:06 Fleetwood mac Megamix
10:04 Ted peters and angellisa Play with me
9:55 Moloko Sing it back (javier penna remix)
9:41 Mirco berti Don't you want
9:38 Mach 1 pres. audio thieves Is this love
9:34 Shalamar A night to remember (dr packer mix)
9:24 Solanos Let me take you
9:11 Prince Cream (n.p.g. mix)
8:58 Private service Quitely (fifth avenue mix)
8:54 K-klass Let me show you
8:44 Albena flores Orange day (satour remix)
8:39 Simon parker Deep red
8:30 Bruno mars That's what i like
8:17 Seal Violet
8:12 Pet shop boys Requiem in denim and leopardskin
8:01 Boy orlando I can't go for that